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Squeak Relief 2oz

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Squeak Relief Brake Finishing Treatment
2 oz & 11.25 oz cans

Ends headaches caused by brake noise comebacks!

Even after a high quality brake job, harmonic vibration can produce aggravating brake squeal. The resulting comeback costs you time and money.

Squeak Relief is applied directly to the rotor/drum friction surface to stop brake noise before it starts. When applied as directed, the Squeak Relief microfine oxides form a molecular bond with the rotor/drum friction surfaces. The resulting composite finish helps to eliminate irritating vibration and brake squeal.

Squeak Relief delivers superior noise suppression and does not change pedal feel or the break-in properties of the linings.


  • 2 oz can treats 18 axles; 11.25 oz can treats 80 axles!
  • Effective on all brake systems: disc, drum, ABS, domestic and import
  • Virtually eliminates customer brake squeal comebacks
  • Saves money
  • Saves shop time
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Helps quiet stubborn "problem brakes"
  • No drying time required
  • Waterproof
  • Effectiveness tested from -100° to +2,000° F
  • Prevents oxidation of rotors and drums
  • Will not damage ABS sensors or rubber components
  • CFC free

Fast & Easy To Use. No Drying Time Required.


  • Perform a complete brake service.
  • Clean rotor/drum friction surfaces.
  • Prior to final assembly, spray a light coat (2 seconds) of Squeak Relief directly to the rotor/drum friction surfaces.
  • Burnish the reclined brakes in a normal manner.

Tiny irregularities in the rotor/drum friction surfaces can cause vibration and irritating brake noise.


Microfine Oxides fill and bond to the irregularities, forming a composite, metalized finish. This results in smooth, quiet braking performance.

Before Squeak Relief Treatment After Squeak Relief Treatment

*Artist's illustration of brake rotor cross section at high magnification.


Does Not Effect Braking Performance or Manufacturer's Warranties:

 Graph: Before treatment
Test Results With Non-Treated Rotors
 Graph: After treatment
Test Results With Treated Rotors
Using Squeak Relief!

Brake Test - Hunter Engineering B400

Tests were performed on the same vehicle, after a complete brake service.The graphs above are actual test results, proving that the vehicle brake performance does not vary between treated and non-treated rotors.

Laboratory Testing

DEA (Dynamometer Effectiveness Analysis) testing was performed by Greening Testing Laboratory, Detroit MI. It is a voluntary certification program, which measures the effectiveness of a vehicle brake system by simulating a vehicle’s weight and speed in controlled laboratory environment. All testing was performed using new rotors and pads. The DEA study sequence was performed first with non-treated rotors to establish baseline performance. The same test sequence was then performed with rotors treated with Squeak Relief. Comparing the results prove that vehicle brake performance does not vary between treated and non-treated rotors.

Performance Consistent with federal Safety Standards.


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